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Gene Downey


Gene Downey loved Science and has a dream of changing the world with his skill, after earning his degree . He founded Genet  Energy where he help meeting the need of the clients.Gene enjoyed his job at theGenet Energy, Gene was a member of Rotary Club, which nurtured his deep yearnings and supported him in his exuberant creativity and expressiveness. He liked to lift others up, lighten their loads, and make them smile.

Why Have An Energy Audit?
It can save you money every month!

Do you think your utility bills are high now?  PPL raised rates by 30% on Jan 1, 2010.  Met Ed and PECO will raise prices Jan 1 2011.  What about your other utilities?    Recently oil prices have started climbing again.

A home Energy Audit will pinpoint the sources of your home Energy Losses and explain how you can fix them!!!  Did a friend suggest insulation in the attic or replacing the windows?  This may not give you the most savings for the money you will be spending.  Let the experts come in and do an Energy Audit and find out where your real energy losses are.

By Saving Energy you will Save Money!!!

PPL offers their customers rebates up to $250 for having a home energy audit !

MET ED and PECO have started rolling out their programs.

You can get additional rebates and incentives for improving your home!

We Can Help You

  • Reduce Your Energy Bills 20%-40%
  • Qualify you for Government Rebates
  • Qualify you for 100% loans for energy efficient upgrades to your home
  • Reduce Allergy Irritation from Dust and Pollen
  • Stop Mold and Mildew
  • Improve your home’s comfort level and air quality

Why Choose Saving Green Energy Audits?

We are Independent RESNET HERS Raters and Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Professionals.  We will be working for YOU, not as a contractor or as a vendor selling you products.

Come visit and sign up for your free home energy audit. #green #environment #insulation #energyaudits #solar

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